Louise Hobson • Curatorial Residency

30 March – 30 April 2015

We are delighted to reveal that the 2015 recipient of the Jane Phillips Curatorial Residency is Cardiff based artist Louise Hobson. Louise will be based at Elysium Gallery’s fantastic new studios in High Street, Swansea. She will also receive a Travel & Research Bursary, which will enable her to undertake a month long Curatorial Residency with our partners Residency Unlimited in New York.

About | Louise Hobson

Louise’s practice exists between a curatorial practice and an artist’s practice, using a cross-disciplinary approach to create propositions for new patterns of exchange.  The work exists through varied environments – from a curated reading room, to communal eating, a walk, printed materials, photographs, or conversation.  She is interested in the idea of the amateur and through her research she may take on the practice of librarian, architect, carpenter, host, historian, town planner, and curator.

The Jane Phillips Curatorial Residency has come at a really valuable time for Louise, a time when she is trying to establish what the work is – where and how her practice exists.  She is approaching the studio as a laboratory; a space to learn, test ideas and take risks. Using A Pattern Language, a book about design, building and architecture, Louise is beginning by considering the exhibition ‘room’ and how we can use ‘patterns’ to use, adopt and reconfigure the space to create a new set of propositions.

Based in Cardiff, Louise Hobson graduated in photography from the Univeristy of Wales, Newport in 2012. She currently works freelance as an independent producer, artist’s assistant and coordinator for a visual arts festival.  Recent creative projects include a curated reading room at The ‘Stute as part of Cardiff Contemporary 2014, The Wall, a readerand Breakfast Club with Warp, g39.