‘To mentor, nurture and support the professional artistic growth of young, emerging artists across the Visual and Applied Arts’

Jane Phillips was one of the most dynamic people working within the visual arts and crafts, demonstrable by the response of donations and support of the Jane Phillips Award over the last two years. Since its launch, we have raised over £15,000 to support the award and supported two artists with  a studio residency, bursary, and mentoring.

The Jane Phillips Award gratefully acknowledges the support of all its patrons and donations received.

The Jane Phillips Award is grateful for the generous support shown by individuals, organisations and businesses. Without this, we would not be able to continue provide an award which reaches out to young artists across Wales. Whilst our resources are restricted, our ambition is to have a outstanding and prestigious award which supports and nurtures the growth of young talent within Wales, as well a fitting legacy to its inspiration Jane Phillips.

Your support could help us achieve these ambitions, develop and expand the award, whilst maintaining our artistic standards.

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