Jane Phillips Award 2018: Edward Rhys Jones ‘the […] space ‘

In partnership with Swansea College of Art UWTSD.

Edward Jones is an Artist and Designer working from Swansea and Bristol. Driven by a fascination with modes of representation, simulation and mediation, Edward Jones believes that there is something integral to the material qualities of glass, that can be drawn upon to interrogate our increasingly mediated construction of reality.

Further to an understanding of Edward Jones’ practice are three major concerns:

– Firstly, the seemingly instinctive human drive to represent, replicate and reproduce – in greater and greater, similitude – existing aspects of the physical world.

– Secondly, the relationship between these representations and their origin; or more specifically, the threshold where our lived, physical, temporally unfolding reality meets with an increasingly manipulated, mediated, re-presented, version of that reality.

– And thirdly how these mediated experiences of representations feed back into, and affect our experience of our lived physical reality.

Edward will showcase the outcomes of his Summer residency at ALEX building, Swansea College of Art UWTSD, in the […] space from 13 October – 17 November 2018.

Axis 2017 Digital print.180cm x 320cm

Buffer the World 2018 Digital projection, Semi opaque vinyl. Size Variable.


Compound Axis 2017 Glass cube, four digital projectors, multiple live news feeds, direct drive turntable. Size variable.


Digital Borderlands (Clone Stamp Tool) 2018 Double sided mirror, your digital images of the artwork. 180cm x 200cm



2017 | Exhibition & Curatorial Award

5 August – 29 October 2017
@ Colonnade Gallery, National Waterfront Museum
Adaptation: A response to Ephemeral Coast by Swansea College of Art, UWTSD Students. Curated by Jason & Becky.

‘In times of change we adapt. Working in synergy with the landscape and available materials to provide shelter and sustenance. As tides rise and structure is lost to the ocean, temporality becomes an ever-present necessity. The concrete past gives way to the ephemeral present and transient future’. 

The Jane Phillips Award is this year working in response to Ephemeral Coast’s region wide collaborative project with Mission Gallery.  The Curatorial & Exhibition Awards 2017 have been awarded collectively to the students of Swansea College of Art, UWTSD to work alongside the recipients of the Curatorial Award, Jason & Becky and is in partnership with  Mission Gallery, Elysium Gallery, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea College of Art UWTSD & University of Ottawa.

Featuring selected Art & Design Foundation, BA & MA Students across all disciplines, at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD. Curated by Swansea based collaborative artists, Jason & Becky.

Ryan L. Moule • JPA 2015


Divisible Remainder_

Ryan L. Moule | Divisible Remainder
12 September – 8 November 2015

Private View 7pm Friday 11th September, to be opened by Rut Blees Luxemburg

Divisible Remainder brings together a new collection of works by the artist Ryan L. Moule. Taking the deleted fragments of an anonymous external hard drive as its starting point, Divisible Remainder questions the fractured contexts produced by intangible systems of information storage.

The asymmetrical opposition between the deleted remainders of an individual’s data, and its subjective interpretation within a physical space, will be explored through temporally inflected modes of photography, moving image and sculpture. By deconstructing any form of complete narrative foreclosure, Moule explores the decontextualization of narrative as a means of complicating signifying chains. Meaning becomes fractured through the metanarratives of re-enacted photographic fragments and situations, within the architecture of the exhibition space.

Ryan Moule lives and works in Swansea. He trained at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD (BA) and Royal College of Art London (MA)

Divisible Remainder is the Jane Phillips Award Exhibition 2015; a satellite exhibition for Ffotogallery’sDiffusion International Photography Festival and Mission Gallery’s Swansea International Festival Exhibition, which all take place during October 2015. 

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Laura Reeves • JPA 2013

Artist Sean Edwards, who nominated Laura, writes that, ‘Laura Reeves is one of the most exciting young practitioners that I have found working in Wales today. She has a commitment not only to her own practice but also to the visual arts in Wales, actively contributing and engaging to debate. The quality, consistency and thoroughness of all that Laura does is without question’.

Laura Reeves grew up in the South West and moved to Cardiff to study Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design. After graduating in 2012 she won the Eisteddfod Young Artist Scholarship. An avid collector of amateur found photographs, her practice is rooted in the archiving and selection of the images she gathers. In particular, there is a focus on the 35mm slide but also a large collection of a range of formats of found images. Using these photographic archives, Laura begins a highly research based investigation into her source material. Using the information she finds, she pieces together lost histories and stories. These investigations often lead to research trips influenced by the location of the original images.

Laura Edmunds • 2011

Laura Edmunds was the recipient of the inaugural Jane Phillips Award in October 2011. Her 6 month residency ran from 1st November 2011 to 30th April 2012.

Mission Gallery profiled Laura’s work in its Maker in Focus showcase from 2nd June – 1st July 2012 and Laura gave a special talk to Friends and Patrons of the Jane Phillips Award.

The Jane Phillips Award was awarded to me at a time that is crucial to my professional and creative development. It is easy to lose focus and concentration upon leaving university, and I felt that I was able to continue the practical and theoretical work that I had spent 3 years developing, as well as the new ideas that were coming into play as I worked by myself for the first time. The Jane Phillips Award bridged the gap between university life and the beginning of a career; and so it was an invaluable opportunity. It was an insight into the career that lies ahead of me; at times challenging but always rewarding.