Penguin book covers

More to come soon

My final 3 book covers in one style. The style and construction I was inspired by is slightly visible here but mostly its a collage of hand drawings. Image traced images and shapes layered together creating my interpretation of a book  and what I felt.

Visible only defined by calculation and layers of scientific experiments .
Mix of biological, chemical, alien on the deserts of Arizona
That was my favorite one – not sure about this one now, did I take it to far from the original? The 4 square black pages represent the black characters of 4 friends. And one the weight of justice.

Underground world mixed with love, blood, time, and quantum mechanic calculations.

Finding my brand name and identity

This project is called “Me my self and I”. How do you see yourself? How do others perceive you? We all have our own self-portrait in our mind, but are others in tune with us? It’s important that others get the right message.

My name is spelt Grzegorz and no one from outside Poland is able to spell it correctly so I have crossed the “Z” here on the name to see how it looks.

Below is my strategy to develop end explore my ideas.

And some digital explorations of the name created with a strapline


“Go raw” will be

Natural Talent


The concept of talent is firmly engraved in our culture, we often see those great people archiving great things and we wish we could do what they do if only we were that talented.

But what if the people we idealise weren’t actually more talented than us. What if we were just as talented as them? I think an interesting person to look at is Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Because he is generally described as  the most talented street photographer we have ever had but he famously quoted  saying “your first 10.000 photographs are your worst” and that doesn’t seem like the words of someone that was born with a  natural talent, but rather someone that dedicates thousands and thousands of hours to master a discipline.  In 2007 a study was initiated,  which looked at there’s actually no such thing as a natural talent,  just hard work and dedication and making sure your effort is focused on the right areas.  Basically  intelligence  and skill are things we aren’t born with  but things we develop through practice and this is true across the board.

Apart from a few athletic examples where something like weight might be an advantage.

But it’s not what I’m talking about here so what does this mean? Well, firstly it means that you can achieve the same level of skill as the people you idealise,  all those film makers, artists, photographers, you can be as skilled as all those, as good as them. Secondly it means that everything you have already achieved is not by innate talent but through your own hard work and dedication. So well done you, don’t ever give up because you don’t think your talented enough.

We now know it’s not how ability works, embrace mistakes  because mistakes are discovering  gaps in your knowledge that you need to overcome  and you need to find the right resources  in order to help you overcome this. Traditionally  that would be teachers, lecturers and libraries but today we have the internet, we have the greatest resource that humanity ever had at our fingertips, we have phones in our pockets. So stop worrying about what you can’t do

 and just do it .

Beware of feeling comfortable, as soon as you start to feel comfortable, challenge yourself, change something,  try something new, learn to let go of old work, we all have our best work that we feel that is our best but try to better them,  try to forget about them.

And move forward, if you keep coming to old work  it means that you are not progressing.

Try to push yourself, build on what you have already done. Ask yourself questions, ask for feedback and critique on a regular basis, it can be difficult because it’s hard to hear it.

And it’s the critique that’s really gets you  but it’s probably the most important  because you know they are right,

take the temporary pain for the long term benefit.

You need to know what you’re doing wrong,  ignore haters and trolls on line. 

Learn to not be precious your work.

Learn to embrace the criticism and move forward.

always keep learning,  you have never learnt everything

because the world moves forward.

Looking for inspiration

Sometimes it’s a struggle, the hardest thing is to get up and do your stuff . You know what to do but you just want to do too many things at once, and have a great idea. But doing something is completely separate, I always have more important work to do than let my soul flow.

This image I created whilst thinking about blending some textures with iconic places in Swansea in a doible exposure . So I took a bunch and went for brunch to edit them on a mobile app while eating.

Flyer for exhibition. In Alex. Art 🏫 school created on a mobile using double exposure


Blending a portrait I’ve shot of one talented Student with a coloured painting of another one.

Here are some practice pieces with another beautiful student willing to pose.
Shot on 35mm film nikon d80 double exposure. Edited in snapseed


Intentional Camera Movement

It’s a great privilage to be one of the digital residency recipients for the Jane Phillips Award.

During these 3 months I will try new techniques in photography and explore Swansea . My first project will explore a technique called ICM – a technique and an artistic way of expression. Something I have enjoyed exploring recently .

The Mystery of an image. It forces my imagination to work.

A painting with a natural light and I love this.

I am inspired by Claud Monet, french painter .

I have focused on textures and colours seen within the landscape, creating one of a kind impressions of a forest in a longer exposed time frame.

Time is key here, as time is the only thing that is constant. You can’t stretch or squeeze it, only the perspective can change. So this is my perspective of a time, represented in a ICM photography style.


Digital Residency 1: Grzegorz Zalewski


Digital Residency 1: 01 September – 30 November 2019

Hi, my name is Greg. I love photography – there are so many inspiring and beautiful sights. Everywhere.  Many people instead of noticing seem to pass by looking at screens with digital data. I personally love connecting with nature and hope younger generations will not lose that  connection.