Harry Gammer-Flitcroft • Graduate Residency

The 2015 recipient of the Jane Phillips Award Graduate Residency is Harry Gammer-Flitcroft, a Photography Graduate from Swansea College of Art, UWTSD.

Harry’s work explores the mechanics of systems that are often overlooked in favour of their result. Recent topics have ranged from dissecting the photographic industry, to looking at the physical sights of the sub-marine communication cables, as well as looking at the banal processes of dealing with death.

This residency will culminate in a Mission Gallery Offsite exhibition at the National Waterfront Museum from 06 February – 13 March 2016.


Graduate Residency: Harry Gammer-Flitcroft

“I am currently in the process of examining notions of the societal panopticon. I think this topic is especially pertinent in our current post Snowden leak and terror threatened society. Whilst still interacting with spaces, such as the GCHQ and MI6 sites from the point of an outsider, this is a subject that is much harder to physically record, because of its subversive nature. As such I am experimenting with how to visualise a psychological effect through appropriation of images, implying fictional narratives and creating objects based on my perception of these concealed networks. I am not sure what form this work will end up taking, but I am engaged in pushing my practise into a looser more intuitive way of working.”

Harry Gammer-Flitcroft

Karen Tobin • Cardiff Contemporary Residency

Home | 8 & 9 November 2014

Home is the documentation of a series of walks undertaken by the artist in various cities throughout the UK presented as an installation in Mission Gallery. Tobin internally maps each city, making use of the quirks in the city’s architecture to help her to record her journey and successfully navigate each place. The walks are part of a familiarisation process, a way of ‘learning’ the city.

Visiting and revisiting these cities imbues each one with feelings of nostalgia. Having lived in Ireland all her life before moving to the UK 4 years ago, Home represents the artist’s desire to recreate a sense of belonging to a place. During her residency Tobin plotted her journeys on maps using the key points that have helped her identify the city.

Hannah Wells • Graduate Residency

01 July – 15 September 2013

Hannah Wells recently graduated from Swansea Metroplitan’s BA (Hons) Surface Pattern Design course.

As a conceptual applied artist and maker my practice conveys a recurring theme of collective obsessiveness. Juxtaposition, absence and presence are all key terms which constantly questioned within my work through a language of materials.

Passionate on the theme of drawing, I use this as a fundamental tool to explore, discuss and translate such objects using a variety of mediums. Primarily, I focus on introducing line and mark making with the use of observational drawing. This enables me to highlight concerns of shape, silhouette and shadow within my sketches. I am additionally excited by surface and texture.

Not only interested in the objects, my work challenges the boundary of each individual form as personal development pushes to change the context of its original function. This forms a change, a transformation, something new and something inquisitive for the viewer to enquire upon.

Additionally, I have an enthusiasm for making and exploring new methods and techniques. Working predominately in mix media, on a small scale, using a collection of remnants and fragments I will reproduce by means of joining, binding and grouping. 

Hannah Wells, 2013