An Artist in the World

An exhibition celebrating 10 years of the Jane Phillips Award

08 October – 13 November 2021

Location: Mission Gallery, Swansea

Launched at Mission Gallery in 2011, the Jane Phillips Award is a memorial to Jane Phillips (1957-2011) Mission Gallery’s first director. The award is intended as a legacy to Jane’s passion for mentoring and nurturing talent, working with individuals at every level – offering opportunities to students as well as artists at the beginning of their journey. Opportunities that are further strengthened by working with Mission Gallery’s team, Swansea College of Art UWTSD and elysium gallery.

The award became international under Amanda Roderick, Mission Gallery’s previous director, and with further assistance by following directors Matthew Otten and Ceri Jones, plus an enthusiastic board, the award is constantly developing and changing.

This exhibition celebrates the success and accomplishments of the previous ten years. It may only be a small group of artists here, but they’ve all experienced the award in different ways – from residencies, studio spaces, graduate showcases, curatorial projects or exhibitions.

Exhibition Artists:

Thibault Brunet | Jason & Becky | Helen Dennis | Laura Edmonds | Harry Gammer-Flitcroft | Ryan Moule | Brett Swenson

The Maker: Elin Hughes

The Screen: Laurentina Miksys

The Wall: Owain Sparnon

Image: Harry Gammer-Flitcroft

Digital Residency | Gower College

The Jane Phillips Award has over the last few years offered Digital Residencies to Foundation students at Swansea College of Art UWTSD.

Following the success of this programme, Jane Phillips Award have invited Gower College Swansea to select a graduating student to take over the Jane Phillips Award blog for 3 weeks; posting about their work, practices, results and ideas.

This first residency will take place from 28 July – 18 August 2021.

The selected graduate for this opportunity is Ramona White – we look forward to seeing what’s produced!

An introduction to Practice

Jane Phillips Award

Graduate Showcase 2020

30 September – 31 October 2020

Each year, the Jane Phillips Award showcases a curated selection of graduate work from Wales and beyond. It has taken many forms – and this year is no different.

The selected graduates were asked to create a short film about them and their working practice – see and hear more about these graduates by following the below links:


Apphia Ferguson

BA (Hons) Ceramics & Jewellery

Carmarthen School of Art


Imogen Mills

Carmarthen School of Art

BA (Hons) Textiles, Knit, Weave & Mixed Media

Jess Parry

BA (Hons) in Fine Art: Studio, Site & Context

Swansea College of Art UWTSD

Keziah Ferguson

BA (Hons) Multidisciplinary Art and Design

Carmarthen School of Art, University of Wales Trinity St David

Mattie Amatt

BA (Hons) Ceramics

Cardiff School of Art & Design

The 2020 Graduates

The Jane Phillips Award and Mission Gallery are pleased to announce the final list for the 2020 Graduate Showcase!

These successful graduates have the opportunity to show an example of their work within Mission Gallery’s curated retail space from 30 September – 31 October 2020. Work will also be featured in a showreel at Mission Gallery, a downloadable brochure, online on both the Jane Phillips Award website and Mission Gallery’s website and social media.

The graduates are:

Apphia Ferguson: Carmarthen School of Art

Imogen Mills: Carmarthen School of Art

Jess Parry: Swansea College of Art UWTSD

Keziah Ferguson: Carmarthen School of Art

Mattie Amatt: Cardiff School of Art & Design

Zoe Noakes: Swansea College of Art UWTSD


Apphia Ferguson

Imogen Mills

Jess Parry

Keziah Ferguson

Mattie Amatt

Zoe Noakes

Foundation Residencies 2019

Mission Gallery is pleased to announce the 2019 Jane Phillips Award Residencies for Art & Design Students at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD. We are proud to be working with our partners at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD and keen to shine a light on the high standard of work being produced by students across all disciplines.

The successful recipients are:

Studio Residencies:

01 June – 31 July 2019: Ryan Hughes

01 September – 31 October 2019: Adam Charlton

Based at Elysium Orchard Street Studios, Swansea, a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience in managing a studio, before moving onto University or other study/work related focus. This unique opportunity provides complete freedom for a Foundation Student to produce, develop, explore, research and display their practice with complete freedom and support.

Digital Residencies:

01 September – 30 November 2019: Grzegorz Zalewski

01 February – 30 April 2020: Laurentina Miksiene

These residencies will provide an online space within the Jane Phillips Award website to display and develop work, ideas and research, while offering support and promotion through our networks.

Residency recipients selected by Rhian Wyn Stone, Senior Programme Assistant at Mission Gallery, Swansea and a member of the Jane Phillips Award committee.


Jane Phillips Award 2018: Edward Rhys Jones ‘the […] space ‘

In partnership with Swansea College of Art UWTSD.

Edward Jones is an Artist and Designer working from Swansea and Bristol. Driven by a fascination with modes of representation, simulation and mediation, Edward Jones believes that there is something integral to the material qualities of glass, that can be drawn upon to interrogate our increasingly mediated construction of reality.

Further to an understanding of Edward Jones’ practice are three major concerns:

– Firstly, the seemingly instinctive human drive to represent, replicate and reproduce – in greater and greater, similitude – existing aspects of the physical world.

– Secondly, the relationship between these representations and their origin; or more specifically, the threshold where our lived, physical, temporally unfolding reality meets with an increasingly manipulated, mediated, re-presented, version of that reality.

– And thirdly how these mediated experiences of representations feed back into, and affect our experience of our lived physical reality.

Edward will showcase the outcomes of his Summer residency at ALEX building, Swansea College of Art UWTSD, in the […] space from 13 October – 17 November 2018.

Axis 2017 Digital print.180cm x 320cm

Buffer the World 2018 Digital projection, Semi opaque vinyl. Size Variable.


Compound Axis 2017 Glass cube, four digital projectors, multiple live news feeds, direct drive turntable. Size variable.


Digital Borderlands (Clone Stamp Tool) 2018 Double sided mirror, your digital images of the artwork. 180cm x 200cm




Curatorial Residency: Catrin Llwyd

As part of the wider residency activity, Louise Hobson invited artist Catrin Llwyd to take on our Jane Phillips Award Studio in Elysium Studios, supporting Catrin to explore the production, presentation and development of new work.

Catrin’s art practice explores the everyday spaces and objects within our environment. She explores the unseen, the everyday and the mundane. The works are drawn from memory and pre-existing imagery, including photographs, video stills and images from social media, and contemporary and historical events. Interested in the potential of painting and how this medium can change a viewers perception of a space, she re-appropriates found imagery to create new, simplified  objects. Her work is a continuous development where many of the paintings and objects are created using previous works, allowing for an ever-changing dialogue.

To find out more about Catrin’s residency, please click here |


A Response to Swansea International Festival: Jonathan Arndell

the […] space and Offsite @ National Waterfront Museum | Jonathan Arndell and Dafydd Williams

05 April – 08 May 2016

Following Jonathan’s Swansea International Festival Residency at the Jane Phillips Award Studio at Elysium High Street Studios last year, the work developed can now be seen at both Mission Gallery and the National Waterfront Museum.

Jonathan uses found objects to explore ideas around abandonment and the consequent gradual disintegration of human-made environments and artefacts. His work as an architect over 40 years has involved the re-invention of existing buildings for new uses. He has often had to explore buildings that have been empty for many years and is fascinated by the ‘stuff’ that people have chosen to leave behind when vacating these spaces.

Jonathan’s response to the SIF takes this aspect of his work and uses it to explore the nature of barriers to the appreciation of ‘high art’ and asks: ‘Why is it so difficult to engage a greater cross-section of our community in the festival?’

In collaboration with Jonathan Arndell, photographer and artist Dafydd Williams, a 3rd year Photography in the Arts student studying at UWTSD, Swansea, has created a series of images that speak of trace; what once was, and what we leave behind.

Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes, Rosalie Schweiker

Curated by Louise Hobson | Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency

19 March – 09 April 2016

Louise Hobson’s curated exhibiton at Mission Gallery is fast approaching, information on events and the artists can be found below:

ARTIST TALK: Saturday 19 March, 4pm

PUBLIC PREVIEW: Saturday 19 March, 6-8pm

CLOSING EVENT: Saturday 9th April, 12-3pm 

The actions that led to the making of this exhibition include: inviting, researching, funding, mentoring, collecting, questioning, doubting, choosing, emailing, chatting, travelling, visiting, explaining, persuading, budgeting, collaborating, facilitating, printing, distributing, communicating, redrafting, coordinating, responding, compromising, adapting, transporting, curating.

Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes, Rosalie Schweiker is presented at Mission Gallery as part of the Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency, a new opportunity within the Jane Phillips Award, supporting early career curatorial development.

Catherine Biocca’s installations form trajectories into alternate timelines and realities, exchanging the real and the animated world to generate a new, and unfamiliar stage. She approaches her work through the concept of schadenfreude, a German and relatively untranslatable word loosely meaning ‘the joy of someone else’s failure’.

At Mission Gallery, Catherine creates an inside-out environment, transposing a time some millions of years ago into the gallery in a new work titled Deutscher Fürst. Layering cartoon imagery, science fiction and natural history, the artist produces a lo-fi, deconstructed dinosaur landscape. In this new multidimensional installation, Catherine brings us into a dialogue with our assumption of being on time.   In parallel to Deutscher Fürst, 4-handed space drawings from the INTERGALACTIC series will also be exhibited. These new works have been made in collaboration with the artist’s father, a former spacecraft engineer.

Cornelia Baltes’ paintings exist as protagonists, subtly shifting the gallery space into a stage for an abridged visual narrative. Real-world observations inform her works but fall away as gestures are reconsidered, refined, and invested onto her canvases, walls and coloured MDFs, making for rigorously conceived forms imbued with playfulness and humour. At Mission Gallery, Cornelia works directly onto the walls of the gallery, expanding on a recent exploration of making site-specific murals. In this new installation, colour and motifs migrate from the large-scale wall paintings to her framed paintings, escaping the confines of their supports as though both independent and fallen.

Rosalie Schweiker buys a fridge magnet wherever she goes for work. At Mission Gallery, Rosalie presents the migrant worker’s fridge magnet collection; displaying her collection for the first time in public, on a fridge stocked with local drinks. If you buy the artist a drink at the public preview, she’ll tell you the story behind a magnet. After the opening weekend, the fridge will stay on and serve the exhibition as a bar.  Rosalie Schweiker uses social exchanges to find new functions for art in society. Her work often manifests itself in humorous interventions such as sleepovers, pizza portraits, bra shops, confidence building workshops, gardening and other seemingly random activities. Since Rosalie’s focus is on the communicative effects of art, most of her work leaves hardly any material trace.

Including contributions from Maria Guggenbichler, San Keller, Madeleine Amsler, David Morris, Rachel Pafe, Romy Rüegger, Peter Schweiker, Sabine Schweiker, Jo Waterhouse and others.

Louise Hobson @ Residency Unlimited

In March 2015 Louise Hobson was selected as the recipient of the Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency, a new opportunity within the Jane Phillips Award that supports early career curatorial development. The residency offered Louise a studio space at Elysium Studios for a month’s research and development; a £500 travel award for overseas research; and a period of three weeks in Mission Gallery’s programming to curate an exhibition.

Within this framework Louise secured funding to travel to New York and act on an invitation from our partners Residency Unlimited, undertaking a month long curatorial residency, and further funding to develop a new exhibition with artists working in and outside of Wales, supported by mentoring from Gavin Wade, Director of Eastside Projects.

Louise sees her role as initiator, approaching the exhibition as a space constructed over time through a cumulative process of collaboration – a layering of conversations, ideas and systems – inviting artists with an open proposition of the gallery space and three weeks. This invitation began with thoughts on temporary and mobile architectures, space and exchange, but in being open to the potential of collaboration, this exhibition could come to exist as many things.

Louise Hobson’s month long residency is now underway at Residency Unlimited, for more information please click here

Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency exhibition, curated by Louise Hobson | 19 March – 10 April 2016 | Mission Gallery


“The sun, the fog, the pink, the gold – for me”

4/12/15 – 12/12/15, 12:30 – 5:30 Weds – Sat
Preview Friday 4/12/15 6 – 8pm
In conversation with Keith Bayliss Saturday 5/12/15 1pm

Laura Edmunds, the 2011 Jane Phillips Award recipient, opens a solo show at Arcade Cardiff. The exhibition explores the primacy of existence through drawing.

For more information on Laura’s exhibition please click here




Graduate Residency: Harry Gammer-Flitcroft

“I am currently in the process of examining notions of the societal panopticon. I think this topic is especially pertinent in our current post Snowden leak and terror threatened society. Whilst still interacting with spaces, such as the GCHQ and MI6 sites from the point of an outsider, this is a subject that is much harder to physically record, because of its subversive nature. As such I am experimenting with how to visualise a psychological effect through appropriation of images, implying fictional narratives and creating objects based on my perception of these concealed networks. I am not sure what form this work will end up taking, but I am engaged in pushing my practise into a looser more intuitive way of working.”

Harry Gammer-Flitcroft

Jane Phillips Award | Student Profile 2015

A Mission Gallery Offsite Exhibition @ The National Waterfront Museum

03 July – 26 July 2015

The Jane Phillips Award was set up in 2011 as a memorial to Jane Phillips (1957 – 2011) Mission Gallery’s first director. The Award is a legacy to Jane’s passion for mentoring and nurturing talent, consistently supporting young, emerging artists across the Visual and Applied Arts in Wales and beyond.

The Jane Phillips Award has been successful and is evolving, responding to the artistic community and forming new partnerships. We wish to develop and broaden the scope of the award by introducing two new exciting prizes, plus a year long programme of Residencies, including an international partnership, which will exist alongside the main award.

As part of this Award, we will support, on an annual basis, selected Art and Design graduates of UWTSD, Swansea and Carmarthen with a Student Prize. This will be in the form of an exhibition at our offsite space within the National Waterfront Museum, plus a separate Graduate Residency at the new Elysium Studios on High Street in Swansea. These will exist alongside and complement, the main Jane Phillips Exhibition Award.

Following a tour of degree shows we are pleased to announce the selected artists invited to showcase work within the Student Profile as:

Stine Aas Nundaal

Stine Aas Nundal

Jane Phillips Award Profile, 03 - 26 July 2015 Rhiannon Ames

Rhiannon Ames

Jane Phillips Award Student Profile, 03 - 26 July 2015 Thomas Deacon

Thomas Deacon

Jane Phillips Award Student Profile, 03 - 26 July 2015 Ciara Long

Ciara Long

Jane Phillips Award Student Profile 2015, 03 - 26 July 2015

Catrin Jones

Jane Phillips Award Student Profile, 03 - 26 July 2015 Rose Seymour

Rose Seymour

Jane Phillips Award Student Profile, 03 - 26 July 2015 Caryl Mair Davies

Caryl Mair Davies

A few words from the Jane Phillips Student Profile 2015 panel:

“This year the Jane Phillips Award spread its wings to involve Art and Design graduates from Carmarthen campus of UWTSD, as well as Swansea.

The task for us was not an easy one. We were presented with a strong field of graduates and many hours were spent in Swansea and Carmarthen debating the merits of the work of each graduate on show.

What we saw was an intensity of involvement in the act of making, combined with an obvious drive for sincerity of vision.

We see in this work a starting point for a variety of careers in the visual arts and these artists have started well”

Keith Bayliss

Artist and Chair of The Jane Phillips Award

“It was a pleasure to be one of the judges on the panel for this year’s Jane Phillips Award Student Profile. The work was of such a high standard, it was very difficult to choose the winners.

I would like to congratulate all the artists for their hard work, commitment and truly fantastic vision.

My late sister Jane was dedicated to the Mission Gallery’ success and it was an important focus for her. However, her life in the art world also involved supporting young, up-and-coming artists and I know Jane would have greatly enjoyed your work, and she would have taken real pleasure in offering support and guidance.

Thank you again”

Claire Phillips

Sister of Jane Phillips


Please see the attached Student Profile PDF for information on the selected artists

Jane Phillips Award Student Profile 2015 PDF

Gwobr Jane Phillips Proffil Graddedigion 2015 PDF