Action beats intents

Most of the time, You creating parts of a bigger project not realizing it .

Picking a direction,and adjust as you go, is the way to progress.

I called this collection

The middle point


Looking for inspiration

Sometimes its a struggle ,hardest thing is to get up and do your stuff . You know what to do but just wana do to many things at onece ,and have an idea and accually do somthing is completely separate things , i always have more important work to do than let my soul flow.

This image i created out of a will for looking to some textures. And thinking about blending with a picture. So i took a bunch and went for brunch to edit them on a mobile app while eating.

Shot on 35mm film nikon d80 double exposure. Edited in snapseed

Intentional Camera Movement

Its a great privilage to be digital resident in mission gallery.

In my time of 3 months i will try new technics in photography end explore swansea . first project is to use a technic called ICM this shortcut stands for both a technique and an artistic way of expression. Something I have enjoy exploring recently .

Mystery factor of an image. Like this, force my imagination to work

Its a painting with a natural light and I love this about it.

I am inspired by Cloud Monet, french painter .

I have focused on a textures and colours in the landscape, creating one of a kind impressions of a forest in a longer exposed time frame.

Time is a key here, as the time is the only thing that is constant. You can’t stretch or squeeze it. only the perspective can be change.So this is my perspective of a time, represented in a ICM photography style.

Graduate Showcase 2019

Exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea

17 August – 07 September 2019

Our picks of the 2019 graduate exhibitions; from degree shows across South Wales and New Designers. The Graduate Showcase is part of the Jane Phillips Award.


The selected artists are:

Alex Baitup, Carmarthen School of Art

Daisy Fay Ray, Carmarthen School of Art

Elin Hughes, Cardiff School of Art

Jacqs Scourfield, Swansea College of Art UWTSD

Katalina Caliendo, University of Hertfordshire

Kaya Cohen, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham

Keeley Shay, Swansea College of Art UWTSD

Lillemor Latham, Cardiff School of Art

Mark Dutton, Carmarthen School of Art

Niamh Duddy, University for the Creative Arts, Rochester

Rhiannon Gwyn, Cardiff School of Art

Siwan Medi Davies, Carmarthen School of Art

Selected artists for the […] space:

Ibrahim Maadani, Swansea College of Art UWTSD

Gabriel East, Plymouth College of Art

Chelsea Waites, Manchester School of Art

Jane Phillips Award Graduate Showcase 2019, Exhibiting Artists Images

Jane Phillips Award Graduate Showcase 2019, Exhibiting Artists Images

Jane Phillips Award Graduate Showcase 2019, Exhibiting Artists Images

Raising the Bar Residency 2019

For Raising the Bar participants at Mission Gallery | Based at Jane Phillips Award Studio in Orchard Street, Swansea | In partnership with Elysium Gallery

A fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience in how to manage a studio for 4 weeks this summer, before moving onto University or preparing for  final year in College or Sixth Form. A chance to experience having an independent workspace away from home which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: 

  1. Reading Lists & Summer Projects 
  2. Space to work
  3. Build Portfolio
  4. Exhibition 
  5. Curating 
  6. Networking
  7. Collaboration 

We are pleased to announce the winners as Joseff Rowlands and Gemma Yeomans – congratulations both!

Graduate Showcase 2019

We’re bringing you our picks of the 2019 graduate exhibitions; we’ll be searching degree shows across South Wales and New Designers to discover fresh talent. Part of the Jane Phillips Award.

Artists will be announced in July 2019.

Thibault Brunet: Public Lecture

Thibault Brunet will be giving a public lecture about his practice on Monday 18 March, 1pm – 2pm.

Brunet is currently undertaking a month-long artist in residency within the Photography Department at SCA, UWTSD as part of the Jane Philips Award International Residency Programme. Brunet’s work addresses the relationship between photography and the virtual, in a society that is increasingly on its way to being fully digitalised.

1pm – 2pm, Monday 18 March 2019
Reading Room, ALEX Design Exchange, UWTSD
Free Entry


The residency is being kindly supported by Swansea College of Art, UWTSD.


Image: Untitled by Thibault Brunet, part of the “Territoires Circonscrits” project

International Residency: Thibault Brunet

March 2019

Following a month long International Artist Residency, this exhibition will showcase the work developed by Paris based artist Thibault Brunet. French artist Thibault Brunet was born in 1982. He is represented by Galerie Binome in Paris and Galerie Heinzer Reszler in Lausanne.

His work plays with photography’s coded genres and questions the relationship with virtuality in a society where the world is on its way to being fully digitalised.

A graduate of the ENSBA Nîmes, Thibault has travelled through virtual worlds with his camera in pursuit of images, exhibiting at reGeneration2 (2011), Mois de la photo in Paris, Berlin and Vienna (2012) and at Talents Foam (2013). Thibault is part of the group project, France (s) Territoires Liquides the work of which was exhibited at the Biennale de Lyon in 2015 and at the BnF in 2017. His last project Territoires Circonscrits has been shown at the Centre Pompidou in 2017 and has been recently exhibited at the MBAL in Switzerland.

Image: Untitled, part of the “Territoires Circonscrits” project

Jane Phillips Award International Residency: Administered by Mission Gallery in partnership with Swansea College of Art, UWTSD & Elysium Gallery

For more information on Thibault Brunet’s practice, please click here

Ragnarok initial concept notes

sb1This is the opening shot to the episode, setting the location and mystery the episode will follow.

  1. Ext shot, hill with trees, panning down hill
  2. Follows straight from one, shot up river with buildings in the background, camera pans down into 3
  3. Camera pans down into final position
  4. Camera onto body lying on slab stones/concrete, hold for a few seconds, let music well up and smash cut into next frame



*All p/in/p videos fade in and out*

Half profile shots of the two leads of the episode (a police investigator and the leader/ sub-boss of the biker gang suspected of the murder. Beside each are small videos showing actions of the upcoming episode to give a brief insight to the characters.)

  1. Shot of character getting out of car and talking to colleague
  2. Shot of character arresting/interviewing someone
  3. Shot of character room clearing/searching for clues
  4. Shot of character in a bar with drink (maybe a smoke too)
  5. Shot of character preparing chain/knife/knuckle duster
  6. Shot of character flexing with leather/denim vest on



Main title card for the episode, pic 1 is independent, while 2 and 3 are together.

  1. Black background, title fades in, followed shortly by episode title
  2. Series title fades in as a snowstorm starts to pick up (going from upper left to lower right), flows into pic 3.
  3. White background with vignette around border, episode title fades in black letters (possibly with episode count underneath)

Winter is coming- project notes

I have a new project to complete for my university course, called ‘Winter is Coming.’

The aim of this project is to create an opening title for a fictional anthology series called ‘Winter is Coming,’  with each of us creating a basic outline for an episode and constructing the opening title sequence around that.

Below you will find some preliminary notes I made about the project.

Winter is Coming opening credits

  • Nordic/Gaelic/Welsh noir inspired
  • Typically from the perspective of the police (most commonly dealing with murder)
  • Sometimes deal with corruption of government
  • Slow burn tension and drama
  • Opening title to be 60-90 seconds long
  • Can either be an opening scene with credits or more traditional opening credits (like a montage)
  • Winter is Coming- anthology series style


Episode style/story notes-

  • Cops vs bikers (Ragnarök, name for Biker Gang)
  • Corrupt local government official funding bikers (either through drugs or weapons)
  • Police pick up the trail after a body is found, suspected be a gang killing
  • Bikers preparing for a war with other gangs


Opening credits content notes-

  • Opening shot of dead body central to plot
  • Majority of credits are a close up of the two leads (separately) faces, half on show, over a black background while short clips from the episode fade in and out beside them
  • Leads= lead investigator and biker gang leader
  • Clips showcase the characters personalities through actions (such as arrests for the cop and beating someone for the gang leader)
  • End of credits feature the series title (Winter is Coming) and the episode title (Ragnarök) as a subtitle.
  • Alternative: Main title comes up, a “snowstorm” covers it over in white and replaces it with Ragnarök.

Wendigo shoot BTS

Here’s a selection of behind the scenes shots from a photoshoot I organised today (Sunday, 14/10/18) at Afan Argoed forest park, for my university project, taking influence from the Wendigo legend.

Concept portfolio

This is a brief portfolio tracking my research and development of my first university project, which is to create six images to form a story revolving around the concept and theme of dreams.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first slide gives a brief summary of Jung’s study of dreams and his concept of the Shadow archetype.

The second slide is a series of pictures that I produced as part of exercises in my university lessons that I have found to be fairly inspirational towards the development of this project.

My third slide is simply just a small collection of films that explore a similar theme of an “inner monster/animal” to myself and that have inspired me in some way on this project.

Slide four is rather self explaining in that it describes my main inspiration (the Wendigo) for the project.

Slides five and six are also very self explaining as they are the storyboard for my proposed pictures.

Digital Residency | Nathan Mason

Digital Residencies 2018

The Jane Phillips Award Digital Residency offers support and promotion for artists, providing online space through its website to develop work, ideas and display new artwork.

It can feature images/documentation of objects, photographs, textiles, art, creative writing, sculpture, oral history, and archival materials. Artists whose practices include performance, sculpture, film, video, new media, video, sonic art, live works and cross-disciplinary practices.

This residency presents an opportunity to an artist/s working with exclusively online practices or who make work using digital processes, wishing to exploring the boundaries of art and technology and the interactions between digital, online spaces and/or their physical materiality.

Nathan Mason: 01 October – 31 December 2018

As an artist, I prefer to make the type of art I would like to see, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t take the time to experiment with different styles and mediums.

Typically,I’m a filmmaker (currently taking a university course for this), focussing on horror and action films, though I do tend to try and stay away from the regular trapping of the two genres. What I expect this residency to showcase, for me, is the processes that I go through when making films.




Abstract lines

First page of a new mini sketch book I just bought to keep on me at all times when I’m out and about. I like to doodle and this is just an example of the kind of thin I like to do – free form drawing with no conscious conection to anything. Just shapes and lines.  IMG_4021