Starting something new.

Hello there!
My Name is Alex Brooks, and this is my first post after accepting the Jane Phillips Award digital residency 2018. This is a great opportunity for me to share my art and experiments over the summer holidays after finishing my Foundation Art and Design year at UWTSD.
I have a keen interest in both analogue and digital art forms and my practice can vary widely from the more traditional illustration and concept art to more processed digital forms of animation, video and using software such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro.
In the coming weeks I will be posting any video, sketches or photos of anything I am currently being inspired to create.
Over the last three weeks I have been experimenting with a process known as acrylic pouring, which is something I started to experiment with while working on my final modules for Foundation Art and Design. The process involves layering acrylic paint in a cup which is then quickly emptied onto a surface such as wood or canvas. This is something I was keen to get back into, I have an interest in documenting the processes via a time-lapse recording and will be posting the resulting footage to document the method as it develop

The images above are examples of my first attempts at experimenting with acylic pouring for Foundation.