Louise Hobson @ Residency Unlimited

In March 2015 Louise Hobson was selected as the recipient of the Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency, a new opportunity within the Jane Phillips Award that supports early career curatorial development. The residency offered Louise a studio space at Elysium Studios for a month’s research and development; a £500 travel award for overseas research; and a period of three weeks in Mission Gallery’s programming to curate an exhibition.

Within this framework Louise secured funding to travel to New York and act on an invitation from our partners Residency Unlimited, undertaking a month long curatorial residency, and further funding to develop a new exhibition with artists working in and outside of Wales, supported by mentoring from Gavin Wade, Director of Eastside Projects.

Louise sees her role as initiator, approaching the exhibition as a space constructed over time through a cumulative process of collaboration – a layering of conversations, ideas and systems – inviting artists with an open proposition of the gallery space and three weeks. This invitation began with thoughts on temporary and mobile architectures, space and exchange, but in being open to the potential of collaboration, this exhibition could come to exist as many things.

Louise Hobson’s month long residency is now underway at Residency Unlimited, for more information please click here

Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency exhibition, curated by Louise Hobson | 19 March – 10 April 2016 | Mission Gallery