Where to begin? 

Hello, my name is Beckie Mitchell. I am so pleased to have received the opportunity to continue my practice throughout the summer and post regular updates. In order to use this residency to its full potential I will be working both individually and collaboratively with Rachel. 

Recently, my deciplinary focus has been social art combined with textiles. Many projects this year, on Foundation, have included leaving my space and interacting with others then bringing my new knowledge into a textile based outcome to express my findings.

This summer I hope I can improve my hand-embroidery skills as well as learning how to machine stitch. Moreover, I would also like to revisit my passion for drawing. Drawing is such a necessary skill for an artist, one which I’d like to continue and improve. 

The photos attached are of my exhibition piece last month. This has a number of themes running through it revolving mostly around secondary arts education and it’s effects on creative minds. As this piece revolves around people and began through a social experiment I named: “The Masking-tape Challenge”, I wanted the end piece something that viewers can interact with. Therefore creating a circular motion to the project.