Our Project

Inspired by artists Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, Rachel and I will be communicating through postcards as well as relevant objects or inventive ways in which we can share. These will be a mixture of recording ourselves, as well as the space and culture around us.

“Dear Data” (http://www.dear-data.com/) is a year long project in which Lupi and Posavec collected weekly data and represented this in a hand-drawn post-card. As the post-cards would travel between America and Britain, they described this process as being: “a type of ‘slow data’ transmission”. They learned from collecting weekly data to live in the present, to be more aware of their surroundings and their behaviours.

Unlike ‘Dear Data’ Rachel and I will be choosing our own topics to write and document instead of having a weekly subject. This will cause us both to learn more about each other however personal or distant.

As Rachel will be travelling throughout the Summer, her postcards will be focusing on the settings surrounding the different places and people. However, this Summer I will be at home working and spending time with family and friends which may result in some local day trips. Due to this, I would like to look at myself personally and look at my every day lifestyle. By recording mundane tasks I will hopefully learn traits and quirks about myself. These can then be depicted in a variety of visual formats, I would like to include my passion for both tonal drawing and sewing if possible throughout this project.

The attached photo are some examples of Lupi and Posavec’s postcards from their Dear Data project. Both would present the hand drawn representation of their collected data on one side, with an explanation and a key to understanding the diagram on the other.