Postcard II – 16th June 2017

I had spent the day in mumbles and decided to pop into the Welsh tourist shop. After spending a while I decided that this was the doll post card looked the most cute and least scary. Unfortunately when I came to write the postcard, it had been completely crumpled within my bag. Instead of wasting a lovely card, I decided to follow the folds with rips and tairs. Disregarding some pieces, I stuck the remaining onto a card which was covered in brown tape which avoided the clean and harsh white against the original postcard.

I felt this now replicated a broken or smashed doll. This has made me intrigued by the concept of fear involving dolls, often they are portrayed as being supernatural within movies like chucky. 

As I have recently decided that my theme for my personal summer project will be terror and fears, this could be something interesting that I choose to explore. 

Dear Rachel ~ love Beckie