Postcard VI – 5th August 2017

The past two weeks, I have been continuing my part time job whilst doing a two week summer playscheme for kids. I have done this every year for four years and used to do this as child. This hasn’t given me much free time therefore I decided to monitor how often I got painted as it is very common to get paint three or four times through the ten days. 

This year I got pained five out of ten days. 

  • 24th July – Grey and white, over the face.
  • 27th July – Blue, pink and purple paint brush lines, across the face and neck.
  • 31st July – Dark blue, whole body (hair to toes, including clothes).
  • 1st August – Clown facepaint. 
  • 4th August – Spiderman facepaint.

I wanted to replicate the style and colours in which I had been painted onto this postcard. Using facepaint, I sponged some of the basic colours down like gray/white, dark blue and red. As I didn’t want to paint a clown, I sponged the colours used all close together. I then used a paint brush to do spider like web’s on top of the red and I created lines similarly to how it appeared on my face.

I really enjoyed playscheme however exhausting it can make me. I hope this postcard shows how fun and playful it can be.