Postcard VIII – 20th August 2017

Postcard eight was sent from Greenman Festival. The nearest village to Greenman, is Crickhowell. I went to Crickhowell a few months ago when they had an art festival. I found two local artists Robert Macdonald and Dorian Spencer-Davies. 

Robert Macdonald is a painter and print maker. He often uses bright colours and vivid movements to depict Welsh Landscapes. However, he does not primarily see himself as a landscape artist. He enjoys creating works that contain inner imagination and mythology or legends. 

Dorian Spencer-Davies again uses bright colour but in a very different way. He uses it to compliment his style in which he stretches reality causing a dreamlike state. 

I was impressed with the artwork of the Greenman merchandise this year, with the bands and T-shirts.

They have almost created their own greenman style and language. Through the festival there are symbols to replicate various marks like waterpoints or different stages. Moreover, there is a giant naturally made Greenman creature, this gets remade every year and each is more impressive than the last. Quite an inspiring and artistic festival. 

Dear Rachel ~ love Beckie x