Thank you! 

This blog has given me such a lovely opportunity to have a digital space in which I can be creative.

Doing a project with my partner Rachel has given me the inspiration to concentrate on collaboration work in the future. I feel our postcard adventure has been successful and is something I hope we could replicate next summer. Although we are not completely finished, we are coming into the last week of our postcards where it will be time to say goodbye to one another before heading to university.

Throughout my Foundation year, I have discovered that people are a very important aspect to my art. Whether this is working with them or studying them as inspiration to create. I find it difficult to be creative when I am alone as I focus on social art, this is why I particularly enjoyed our project for Elysium Open Studios in July. 

This blog has encouraged me to have my own personal blog for weekly posts to use as a digital sketchbook and portfolio.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity Mission Gallery has given me with the Jane Phillips Award blog. I hope I can work with Mission again in the future.

Thank you! ☺️