R- aising personal awareness of the historical links in my local area through my educational investigation, incorporating historic walks and visits. 

E- ncouraging my personal artistic development, research and recording methods. 

S- upplying me with a new platform to record and display my findings. 

I– nvestigating various themes allowing me to appreciate Brecon as a town through its beauty and character. 

D- eveloping skills which will be used for my degree and to further my abilities. 

E- xhibition planning, collaborating and curation opportunity, allowing me to understand the basic requirements and skills required for the task. 

N- iche work and appreciating the art of others.

C- hallenges! – and knowing when to stop, review and re-evaluate. 

Y- ou, thank you to all and everyone who has guided me, supported and provided me with information and imparted their knowledge to further my findings. To all who have watched the project develop and finally to the Mission Gallery and the ‘Jane Phillips’ residency for providing me with this opportunity and encouraging my thirst for creating. Thank YOU!