Merged into Nature by Laurentina Miksiene

The day when all days felt like Sundays, we felt emptiness. All the connections with the world we lost in just in one day. At first we enjoyed the ‘’freedom’’… Finally, we had time for our families, we had time for a cup of coffee in the morning, we had time to talk or watch movies together, we had time for kids… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…. first you’re counting the days after the 20th day, it just doesn’t matter what day it is, what time it is. You don’t need to go sleep early because you don’t need to wake up early, to shower and rush somewhere…

Nature started to heal herself but how about humans. Sometimes I feel I’ve lost myself and I believe we all have a feeling that we have lost something we can not touch but can feel. All the connections with nature with other humans.

Only nature helped man endure the misfortunes of life and became support in daily life. The connection between man and nature can be found in literature, poetry, artworks, and photography. In my work, I sought the connection between man and nature. I was looking for a compromise between man and nature. That compromise is more uncomfortable than perfect. Through nature, we can see not only ourselves but also a reflection of our soul. Without this connection with nature, man mutates not only physically, psychologically, but also spiritually. In my series of photographs, I was looking for a spiritual connection between man and nature. A man comes from the earth and returns to it. The earth is the basic premise of our existence and its end. This vibrant, pulsating matter is open to both birth and death. A place where a clump can turn into life at any time, and life into a clump. Man is only a temporary particle of the earth cycle.

The photographs I printed on silk fabric to make them more flexible and weightless. I wanted to see the movement of fabric and structure of silk threads. The photographs look as though they are merged into the fabric like we are trying to merge into nature. It is like the fugitive testimony about man’s and nature’s compromise.



To view a short film by Laurentina, please click on the image below: