Recording my findings 

As you will have previously read on this blog, I am investigating the town of Brecon, a historic town rich with history which I am hoping to uncover and highlight. I also  hope this opportunity will  improve my knowledge on the old market town giving me greater appreciation of the area I grew up in with a new perspective.

If you are interested in following the project develop, I will be using this blog as my main hub to upload all my findings.

In addition to recording my investigation, I am also developing and storing my findings within a personal sketchbook as an alternative recording method. Pages will feature throughout the residency.

Above: Location of Brecon (Sourced from google images)

Initial Ideas

Beauty of Brecon –  Discovering the various factors Brecon has to offer. All information sourced from local information centre. 
Mapping the local area
Mapping my routes around Brecon over a series of days (each colour represents a different day).