Postcard IV – 7th July 2017

The purpose of my fourth postcard was inspired by Radio One’s competition week. Whatever the prize or competition it was always involving ‘words’ usually where you were to listen out for a particular word. I decided to use my conversations via Facebook, text, WhatsApp etc. to see how often I spoke about myself, the other person and referenced time.

Time = 56 times

Myself = 61 times

The other person = 83 times

It concerns me how often time was discussed within seven days. After researching, I discovered that the word ‘time’ appeared in the top 50 most commonly used words in the English language. This encouraged me to monitor how often I used it. Although I had to widened this so it became references to time eg. days, months, years and numbers rather than the word time.

To layout this information, I consisted using coloured lines. 

Each continuous coloured line being the length of the result. This however didn’t fully replicate the purpose of the postcard or the data collected. Instead I drew from a theme I was exploring as part if my final major project within foundation which involved shape outlines. Moreover, after testing this with felt tips I decided to use embroidery silks sewing the shapes in. I used a different technique for each colour to further emphasise the different sections. 

The green (representing time) is a basic running stitch. 

The yellow (representing myself) is a back stitch.

The orange/brown (representing the other person) is a laced running stitch.

Each of these were basic stitches, I felt this as best as the paper was thick and became extremely difficult to see into. 

Dear Rachel ~ love Beckie