Sketchbook pages

These are pages from my Sketchbook after the Elysium Open Studios.

As part of the collaboration, we had to use a disposable camera and post-its to document what we were doing at 3 o’clock each day. These were the photographs and post-its from Days Nine and Ten (4th and 5th July). 

I was leaving for work on day nine (left). This was a very quick snap of my steering wheel. Later on in the evening I took a rubbing of the wheel on a post-it using crayon.

On day ten (right), I was in the process of creating a “Thank you” card for a family friend. As I was using an ink and wash technique, I decided to use this sheet in order to get the correct shades of wash without using pen directly on the drawing.

I found days Eleven and Twelve (6th and 7th July) interesting post-its. Both days I was busily in the middle of something. Therefore quick thinking was needed for the post-its.

On day Eleven (top), I was making progress with tidying my bedroom. I used the bits of rubbish that I found hidden away and glued them to the post-it.

Day Twelve (bottom) I has taken my dog for a walk. Unable to stop and think about a way of representing it, I grabbed some grass from the recently mowed field.

Both of these post-its are textured and formed so that it becomes interactive art where people may want to touch and feel it.