Postcard V – 23rd July 2017

This week I monitored my phone usage. For five days I recorded how many times I used my phone. In order to keep track I noted these using gates on my arm.

Moreover I wanted to monitor what I was using my phone for. The categories were as follows:

  • Checking the time
  • Replying to messages
  • Social media
  • No real reason
  • Phone calls
  • Work-related
  • Camera

After half a day, I realised how difficult it was to keep track of how often I checked the time as it was so frequent. I decided to remove this category and only recorded when I unlocked my phone using its password. 

I did test pieces using different ways I could display this; I began with a ring idea.

After seven circles, I realised this was not going to work as there would be five days with on average 40 checks. I then tried a bar graph style.

This would have worked very well if I had also monitored in which order I used the sections; for example messages, camera call, messages, call, work etc. 

This was the finished postcard. This was the most effective and efficient way of reflecting my data. I was disappointed with how often I go to use my phone and how much of an necessity it is to my life.

To Rachel ~ love Beckie